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Optical Communications Receiver

Product Announcement from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

Optical Communications Receiver-Image

This optical receiver is based on a photomultiplier tube but has been designed having a large collection area of 12 mm active input diameter. This receiver is ideal for high-speed optical communications, including through-the-air, underwater, and line-of-sight unmanned optical systems. The inclusion of a high voltage power supply allows operation by application of only 12V input. High speed signal output is supplied by a 50 ohm cable with an SMA connector. Rise times of less than 220 ps have been measured for small photon input levels and 50 percent duty cycle.

In the detection of optical communication signals, it is sometimes necessary to use a large active input diameter while still maintaining high speed. While microchannel plate photomultiplier tubes are fast, they cannot sustain the high average signal inputs of 50 percent. This detector supports high signal inputs while maintaining 2GHz speeds.

The detection method incorporates a photomulitplier tube - a device that electron-optically converts a large intput diameter to a much smaller flow of electrons inside a vacuum envelop. By choice of electron optic design, the applied voltages and the anode read-out scheme, a standard design is greatly enhanced.

The speed of response is 3 to 5 times faster than other photomultiplier tubes. To get this performance, neither the active area nor the signal handling is compromised.

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