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Resistive Glass Tubes for Mass Spectrometers-Image

Resistive Glass tubes are made from a patented process that makes the surface a semiconductor. The voltage applied across the tube creates an electric field that preferentially attracts ions - either positive or negative - and more efficiently draws them into the mass spectrometer. The resisitive glass properties also prevents collisions with the tube walls and with other ions, resulting in a better sample transfer.

Resistive glass capillary tubes are available in a number of sizes and lengths with both inner and outer diameter that can be specified. They are also available in both single and multicapillary forms.

Resistive glass drift tubes can be easily removed and cleaned without degradation in performance, and the single-tube structure provides containment for counter-flow gas, eliminating the need for an additional enclosure. Resistive glass Reflectron tubes are a simple replacement for a complex, multi-piece stacked ring reflectron while providing equal or better performance in an orthogonal TOF system. They provide better energy focus, lower FWHM values, and identical spectra.

Resistive glass can also be used for ion mirrors, collision cells, linear reaction cells, conversion diodes, and voltage dividers.

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