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Hollow Penta Mirrors (HPM)

Product Announcement from PLX Inc.

Hollow Penta Mirrors (HPM) -Image

PLX Penta Mirrors and Penta Roof Mirror Assemblies provide the performance of a penta prism with more control and wavelength transmission.

The Hollow Penta Roof Assembly is a constant deviation device developed by PLX to duplicate, with advantages, the performance of a penta prism. Unlike a solid prism that is limited in transmission through glass, the new device utilizes front surface reflectance, and thus is unlimited in wavelength transmission.

By modifying the coating, polarization of the exiting beam can be precisely controlled. The device enables incoming parallel light to be deviated at 90° with great accuracy. Like the solid prism, the assembly is an invariant, and thus permits movements such as rotation without compromising either the basic 90° deviation or its inherent accuracy.

  • Performance of a penta prism with more control and wavelength transmission.
  • Invariant assembly permits movements without compromising deviation or accuracy.
  • Accuracies to better than 1 arc second.
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