Hollow Retroreflector Arrays™ (HRA)

Product Announcement from PLX Inc.

Hollow Retroreflector Arrays™ (HRA)-Image

PLX Hollow Retroreflector Arrays are perfect for modern FTIR long-path spectroscopy over a wide spectral range and long distances. They provide high quality wavefronts for perfect parallelism between incoming and outgoing beams and high-efficiency returns.

  • Standard Retroreflector Arrays are comprised of individual 2.5" (63mm) clear aperture hollow retroreflectors of either 5.0 or 20.0 arc seconds maximum deviation.
  • Retroreflectors are individually mounted on an aluminum plate, spaced very tightly together so that the array acts as a large self-compensating mirror surface.
  • Individual retroreflectors can be replaced if damaged. The plate is shock mounted in a durable steel housing with a single protective door.

PLX can create a customized Array for your application

We can provide individual retroreflectors in the array in any size, from a few inches in diameter to several feet across with accuracies of better than 1 arc second maximum deviation. Custom mirror coatings are available for specific wavelengths and high power laser applications.