Modernized Boresight Module™ (M-BSM)

Product Announcement from PLX Inc.

Modernized Boresight Module™ (M-BSM)-Image

Use the PLX designed Modernized Boresight Module™ to allow simultaneous viewing of multiple lines of sight. The module uses two LTHRs (Lateral Transfer Hollow Retroreflectors) configured in a stable housing that provides up to one arc second parallelism under the most adverse conditions. The unit can be customized to fit any application.

PLX's Boresighting Verification Technology dramatically enhances targeting capabilities. The technology utilizes PLX's proprietary, high accuracy beam-delivery system. This updated capability enables you to verify the alignment of your hardware's optical axis and your aiming device with sub-arc second accuracy.

PLX's Boresighting systems operate with extreme stability, even under the harshest levels of vibration and shock, such as helicopter flight and battlefield conditions.

In a typical military Boresighting application you have a laser target designator, one line of sight day time camera for daytime viewing, and a line of sight for an infrared camera for nighttime imaging. The LTHRs in the M-BSM enable the simultaneous viewing of day vision and night vision through the primary gunner's sight.

What ever your Boresighting requirements are, PLX can adapt its technology to meet your new equipment or upgrade needs.