Direct Drive Remote Reading Dial Thermometer

Product Announcement from Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group

Direct Drive Remote Reading Dial Thermometer-Image

Liquid Actuated Systems

These temperature systems are filled with a non-toxic, odorless, organic, and non-flammable liquid up to 500°F. This liquid has proven to be an excellent substitute for Mercury.

Mercury Actuated Systems

For ranges over 500°F we place mercury into an all stainless steel, atomic-hydrogen welded system with direct drive coil, responding to the slightest change sensed by the mercury in the bulb. This provides the most accurate temperature reading possible.


All Palmer Dial Thermometers are equipped for external calibration. The reset calibration screw on the back of the case is readily accessible and simple to use, This feature permits setting for zero calibration error at any desired temperature within the range of the thermometer.

Fully Adjustable All Angle Case with Rotatable Dial Face

Palmer 3-1/2" and 5" Remote Reading Dials may be adjusted during installation and locked to provide the best reading angle.


Guaranteed to be accurate within one scale division. Calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Direct-Drive Double-Wound Bourdon Coil

With this type of construction, the pointer shaft operates directly from the center coil. This eliminates the conventional sector and pinion type movement and its multiplying mechanism which are subject to wear and tear and subsequent inaccuracies. This unique feature results in a temperature indicator that is extremely responsive to temperature changes and will maintain its accuracy for many years.

Heavy Molded Glass Cover

This unique cover maximizes the amount of light on the dial face enabling the user to read the dial face with ease in dimly lit areas. This cover, combined with a bezel ring and heavy, heat-resistant gasket, provides a weather-tight seal that prevents crystal fogging.

Easy to Read Dial

Every thermometer dial is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with a low glare finish. High contrast black numerals, graduations, and pointer all contribute to minimize reading errors.