Wahl® C50 Multifunction Pocket Process Calibrator

Product Announcement from Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group

Wahl® C50 Multifunction Pocket Process Calibrator-Image

Asheville, NC –November 29th, 2005 - Wahl Instruments, Inc announces their Brand New On-site Multifunction Calibrator. The Wahl C50 was designed after closely collaborating with Industrial Users for the most desirable features. The ergonomically designed Wahl C50 calibrator features unique built in "easy connect" terminals, portable and bench top flexibility, and easy to use intuitive embedded software. It is fully protected with an external anti-shock rubber sheath with IP 54 rating, is multi-lingual with five languages, high performance with extreme accuracy and NIST traceability, and is compatible with HART transmitters.

The Wahl C50 Calibrator measures and generates on two isolated channels, voltage, current, frequency, resistance signals and also many types of resistive probes and thermocouples. The Wahl C50 dual display indicates simultaneously the measurement value, and emitted value, and the gauge and selected parameter functions.

With the software, the User can save under the File Menu up to 10 working configurations of the instruments and recall them whenever needed. In measurement and simulation, the Scaling function performs a conversion between the electrical quantities measured and the physical quantities converted including % of Full Scale. Relative measurements can program a reference value different from the one of the instrument. The TARE function subtracts a constant value by measuring or programming it from a measured value. The Statistical functions always show the average, minimum, maximum and number of measurements completed. The Simulation Menu can set a value by entering value on keypad or by changing the appropriate digit with the cursor. The Ramps generation feature programs the starting, ending and length of time values of simple or cyclic ramps. The Steps simulation feature has two modes, program mode for starting value, number of steps and the length of time at each step. The manual mode the User has one hundred preset values. Other software functions include Square Root, Synthesizer and Transmitter functions.

Other features include an elastomer keypad that protects it from dirt and grease marks. Raised keys allow the Wahl C50 to be used with gloves. Alphanumeric keypad, navigator and function keys step you through programs easily. Adjustable contrast and programmable backlit display for ease of reading in all conditions. Adjustable resolution of values displays the level of accuracy needed. Extended battery life offers eight hours of demanding use. The Wahl C50 comes complete with six testing leads, a quick battery charging system, instruction manual on CD ROM, heavy duty carrying case, NIST Certification and a one year warranty.