Wahl® Micro-Ohmmeter Low Resistance Tester

Product Announcement from Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group

Wahl® Micro-Ohmmeter Low Resistance Tester-Image

Rugged and easy to use, its large interactive display informs the operator in real time about the type of measurement, range, calculation conditions (resistance calculated according to a reference temperature), thresholds status and values. Designed for harsh conditions in a hard Pélicase® type case with plastic washable keyboard and key-locked measurement plugs, the Wahl RM116 has 4 measurement wires providing the highest accuracy.

Other features include automatic measurement in non inductive resistance mode, and automatic triggering when continuity is established between the two points. A single operator can perform measurements. EMF parasites are measured before each measurement. Permanent measurement current for inductive loads (coils, transformers, motors windings). DC measurement current for non-inductive resistances (earth bonding, coating, contact resistances) with auto power off of the current. Display of temperature compensated resistance value. Resistance is automatically calculated by the instrument taking into account: measurement value, ambient temperature, metal temperature coefficient, and reference temperature. All parameters are programmable. (Ambient temperature can be programmed or measured with the temperature sensor). Two programmable thresholds with LED indication and display on the screen, light or loud beeper. Memory: 1000 measurements identified by numbers, memory reading on the display, or via software or printer. Powered by quick charge NiMh batteries.

Temperature compensation, manually keyed or measured by Pt100. Resolution: 0.1°C, accuracy ± 0.5°C. Sensor connected on the keyboard or through a cable.