a30 and z30 Heat Spy Detector Thermal Imagers

Product Announcement from Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group

a30 and z30 Heat Spy Detector Thermal Imagers-Image

The Wahl Heat Spy 30 Series Detector is designed for on-the-spot maintenance and inspection applications. With the a30 or z30, you can quickly detect and repair problems easily.

The z30 Detector model features 11 languages, 4 color palettes, °C, °F or K measurement scales, Hot Cold seeking and two fixed spot measurements, and freeze frame for viewing the current image. Heat Spy 30 Series detector models quickly find problem areas, and are ideal to search, find, and fix trouble spots in your facility.

Upgrade in the field from a Detector (z30) to an Inspector (z50) after your purchase to expand the functionality of your camera.  An SD card will upgrade your Detector to an Inspector quickly and easily if you decide you'd like additional functionality.

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