Product Announcement from Palmetto, Inc.

High Resiliency, Low Wear and Fluid Resistance!-Image

The Palmetto CHEKSEAL™ is a self-adjusting, shaft-mounted, axial lip seal designed as an exclusion device, deflecting and excluding contaminants such as dust, dirt, mud and water. The CHEKSEAL also functions as a "retainer" seal, preventing the loss of viscous lubricants such as heavy greases.

Compression molded with Greene, Tweed's proprietary elastomers to assure high resiliency, low wear and fluid resistance, the CHEKSEAL incorporates a tough, but flexible, hinged lip that seals axially against a radial (perpendicular)face. This straightforward design requires no special machining for a tight shaft fit.

Unlike conventional spring-loaded oil seals, the CHEKSEAL cannot fret or groove expensive shafts and accepts radial shaft motion due to bearing play. The CHEKSEAL automatically vents excess grease during re-greasing operations.

The CHEKSEAL installs easily. Manufactured entirely of highly resilient rubber, it can be stretched over shaft obstructions and pressed firmly against the radial face. When the shaft is set in final operating position and begins turning, the CHEKSEAL self-adjusts after the first several rotations, with the axial base stop and lip working together to provide proper interference. Once in position on the shaft, the CHEKSEAL does not back off-its position maintained by the rubber compound's natural tension.

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