Compact Micro PLC with super high speed processing

Product Announcement from Panasonic

Compact Micro PLC with super high speed processing-Image

The Panasonic FP0R series PLC provides 16 or 32ksteps program capacity and 32k words data register, equipped with built-in general purpose memory for backing up of all the development source code with notes, comments, variables, etc. Its processing speed is up to 0.08 micro sec per step (when executing program up to 3K steps). The FP0R comes standard with 10. 14, 16, or 32 I/O models and is expandable with the standard FP0 expansion units (up to 128 digital I/O points). The control unit measures only 90mm H x 25mm W x 60mm D (3.543H x 0.984W x 2.362D inch).

The FP0R transistor models come with up to 4 axes of built-in pulse outputs for motion applications. There are many new motion functions that bring some of the features of a dedicaed motion controller such as diffent acceleration and deceleration time settings. Integrated labeling application functions with extremely fast startup time (30 micro sec) for accurate label placement. Each motion axis can operate independently or as 2 pairs of linera interpolation. There are 6 channels of high speed pulse inputs for encoders, high speed sensors, etc. RPM and frequency measurement function provies quick and accurate frequency measuremets of high speed pulse inputs. F-type models with built-in FRAM* memory models also available which offers complete data memory backup without battery. USB2.0 programming port comes standard on all models (standard mini B connector) along with other serial ports. An FP0 compatible mode is available for using FP0 programs in the FP0R.

The FP0R is idea for labeling applications and alike which require accurate speed controls in high speed. The FP0R series is covered under Panasonic's 3 year warranty program.

*FRAM is a trademark of Ramtron International Corporation.