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High speed for enhanced productivity

Faster and deeper printing or processing is possible as more energy is applied to the workpiece. The LP-S500 is equipped with a high-output laser unit. This shortens the printing takt time greatly contributing to the improvement of productivity.

Sealed, IP67G rated head enclosure

Use of high quality parts and well engineered design, have resulted in a robust IP67G enclosure.

Superior design

The LP-S series features minimum frame seams. Minor seams and screw holes are completely sealed, producing high sealing performance. This performance is sustained by applying constant pressure to the sealed areas. Maximum cooling efficiency is also achieved allowing the use of a fanless head for thorough cooling.

High quality protection parts

Seamless sealing materials are used that have low water absorption and excellent oil resistance properties . Connectors are dust, water, and oil-proof. The lens has a protective glass cover.


1) The product has a dust- and water-proof structure durable under conditions specified by IEC/JIS standards. Although oil-proof performance is evaluated using typical lubricants and cutting oils, this does not apply to all types of oils.
2) The parts must be attached correctly so that the FAYb Laser Maker can fully satisfy its environment resistance performance.

Industry's first revolutionary fiber unit release mechanism for enhanced flexibility of equipment design

Panasonic's unique laser head design allows the fiber unit to be easily removed from the scanner unit. This revolutionary mechanism is a first in the fiber laser marker industry*1. Because the fiber unit is removable, it can be easily incorporated into equipment for easy installation and enhanced flexibility of equipment design.

*1: Data obtained by Panasonic Electric Works SUNX as of December 2010

View showing fiber unit removal

Operability Simple operation(Touch panel console[Option])

A color touch panel is used so that even persons unfamiliar with machine operation can easily handle it. An intuitive and easily understandable software package allows the operator to smoothly access any setting screens, and the ergonomically designed console is easy to operate whether hand-held or directly attached to a machine.

Flexible programming and monitoring(PC Software)

The laser marker comes standard with PC software that allows for easy configuration of print data and layout, via a familiar PC based environment. Data can also be created on a PC in offline mode, which means that data configuration is possible without stopping the laser marker. In addition, connecting a PC to the laser marker allows you to check the operation status, I/O status or error log.

Quick and simple setup(Standard peripherals)

Laser marker setup and operation is made simple by connecting a commercially available monitor and a mouse. When the monitor is placed in an easy-to-view position, the printed content can be viewed from a distance and any changes made to the printed content can easily be verified.

*Operation check is required in advance.

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