Product Announcement from Parameter Generation & Control, Inc.

30 Cubic Foot Reach-In Chamber-Image


The Parameter 30 cu. ft. chamber features our unique humidity control system, which enables the user to attain unsurpassed levels of RH/temperature control and uniformity.

Parameter Generation & Control, in partnership with EdgeTech, provides large  volume calibration chambers that combine the quality and durability of the Parameter line with the proven technology of the EdgeTech hygrometer. These  chambers are utilized for large volume calibrations requiring humidity and  temperature control within very narrow tolerances.

Parameter's test chambers are designed to accurately produce those temperature and humidity conditions required for applications including stability studies, package testing, TAPPI, MIL-SPEC, and vapor transmission.

Applications for this unit include diverse industries, such as pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, electronic components, food, semiconductor, paper and pulp, and anywhere precise humidity control and temperature replications are required.

All Parameter equipment is exhaustively tested at your specified condition before being shipped to ensure trouble-free operation.


Precise chamber control
Rack-mounted hygrometer
Hygrometer utilizes primary measurement technique
Long proven and unsurpassed humidity control system
Highly accurate NIST traceable sensor
Sensing system discriminates between dew and contaminants


Reduced uncertainty
Ease of providing NIST recertification
Proven methodology
Extremely stable and uniform environment
Reliable data
Worry-free operation

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