Diagnostic Testing Equipment

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Fluid Connectors / Quick Coupling Division

Diagnostic Testing Equipment-Image

Parker's SensoControl products are valuable tools for diagnosing problems both before and after they occur. Today's hydraulic and pneumatic systems are continuously becoming more sophisticated. The ability to identify critical information for optimizing mobile equipment and industrial machine performance is a necessity.

ServiceJunior digital pressure gauges scan 100 times per second to read momentary pressure spikes commonly unseen by mechanical gauges.

Key Features of the ServiceJunior Digital Pressure Gauges include:

  • Available in four pressure ranges
  • Simple to operate 4 key menu
  • Min and max graphic display shows pressure peak
  • Measure PSI, bar, mPa, kPa with one gauge
  • Scans 100 times per second

Serviceman portable diagnostic meter scans for min and max readings 500 times per second to ensure that damaging system conditions are detected.

Key Features of the Serviceman Test Meters include:

  • Able to read pressure, flow, temperature, and rotational speed
  • Two inputs for data collection
  • Differential pressure display capability
  • Automatic sensor recognition

The Parker Service Master Easy is a multi-channel instrument that allows data to be viewed and recorded without user programming.

Key Features of the Parker Service Master Easy Test Meters include:

  • Inputs for up to 4 sensors
  • Record up to 1,000,000 data points
  • Able to read and record pressure, flow, temperature, and rotational speed
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Download recorded information to MS Excel with SensoWin software

SensoControl….ideal tools for collecting critical data!

Contact Parker today and one of their product experts will help you choose the diagnostic equipment that is right for your application.