Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics Group


BG SERIES INTEGRAL BRAKE MOTORS from Parker Hydraulic Pump & Motor Division.

This brake motor consists of a BG Series motor integrated into a wet disc, spring applied, hydrauli-cally released brake. The brake is capable of up to 12,000 lb-in of holding torque. The brake is front mounted for reliable operation even in the event of a motor failure. The brake release port is capable of pressures to 3000 PSI.

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  • 12 Displacements: 140 - 959 cm3/rev (8.6 - 58.5 in3/rev)
  • Max Continuous Pressure: 207 bar (to 3000 psi)
  • Max Intermittent Pressure: 276 bar (to 4000 psi)
  • Max Oil Flow: 114 lpm (to 30 gpm)
  • Max Speed : 660 rpm
  • Max Continuous Torque: 1044 Nm (9239 lb in)
  • Max Intermittent Torque: 1428 Nm (12636 lb in)
  • Max Side Load at Key: 16000 N (to 3597 lb)
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