Hydraulic Power Supplies

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics Group

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The Hydraulic Systems Division designs and manufactures hydraulic power supplies (HPS) for aerospace applications. Their HPS product line is ideally suited for applications where a highly integrated and compact hydraulic system is needed.

The HPS is a completely self-contained, compact, gearbox-driven device that fully integrates the hydraulic pump with the filters, reservoir, switches, transducers, and ground support couplings. This compact and robust unit provides the full functionality of a conventional hydraulic system for conformance to unique weight and space constraints.

Standard and custom units are available for a variety of applications.


  • Commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft
  • Unmanned, space, and military ground vehicles

Technical Highlights

  • Power ranging from 1 to 80 hp
  • Variable displacement axial piston pump designs with pressure compensation
  • Phosphate-ester-based fluids and hydrocarbon-based (MIL-PERF-87257, 83282, 5606) operating fluids
  • Pressures rated up to 8000 psi (551 bar)