New CAN Bus System Controller, IQAN-MC2

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics Group

New CAN Bus System Controller, IQAN-MC2-Image

Mölnlycke, Sweden and Forest City, NC Feb 15th, 2006 – Constantly expanding its IQAN mobile control product range, Parker Hannifin announces the release of the IQAN-MC2, mobile controller. The powerful IQAN-MC2 module complements the existing IQAN line by offering greater computing power, high processing speeds, and dual CAN bus interfaces. The IQAN-MC2 offers the same durability and reliability of the existing IQAN products, as will as greater system flexibility and functionality. The IQAN-MC2 also interfaces with IQAN's easy to use programming and diagnostic software tools. The IQAN-MC2 is programmed using the latest IQANdesign programming software. IQANdesign is a graphical oriented programming tool that allows the system level engineer to program IQAN without any specialized programming skills. In addition to IQANdesign, the IQAN-MC2 also interfaces with the new IQANrun software that allows the field service technician to diagnose and service an IQAN system in the field with a graphical and easy to use interface. The IQAN concept allows customers to find savings in many aspects of the machine life cycle, from development, to production through field service.


Mobility: The IQAN-MC2 is specifically designed for mobile applications. It is rated for rugged mobile applications, including EMI Testing, high vibration and a wide operating temperature range. The IQAN-MC2 is designed for outdoor environments and comes with IP66 and IP6K9K protection for applications where high-pressure water and steam jet cleaning is used. The robust design of the IQAN-MC2 also allows the designer the freedom to locate the module in the optimum location on the machine. Dual, configurable CAN busses allow the IQAN-MC2 to be used in a variety of applications, interfacing to numerous devices. The IQAN-MC2 supports IQAN CAN Protocol, SAE J1939 and generic CAN interfaces.

Simplicity: The IQAN-MC2 is programmed using the easy to use graphical programming tool, IQANdesign. This offers the machine developer significant savings in development cost by reducing the development time and also reducing the skill level needed to program the system. The IQAN MC2 offer an improved flexible I/O scheme with a variety of configuration possibilities for proportional inputs and outputs, frequency inputs and digital signals. The IQAN-MC2 will support up to five frequency inputs, two quadrature inputs, thirteen analog or digital inputs, twenty-four digital outputs and eight bi-directional current regulated outputs to control up to eight valve sections.

Time to market: The IQANdesign graphical programming tool utilizing proven building blocks combined with software based simulation to reduce development time. The standardized and tested building block hardware modules also reduce system layout and development time. Faster product development offers numerous advantages, including lower development costs and earlier returns on investment.

Machine management: The IQAN tools can help reduce costs through the entire machine life cycle. Simple programming and simulation tools reduce time and costs spent in development. The IQANrun service tool provides an efficient way to setup and troubleshoot machines during production, lowering the production time needed for machine setup and pre-delivery inspection. Built-in real time event logging coupled with easy to use and follow diagnostic tools provide the user and manufacturer a better understanding of the machine operation. This provides the manufacturer with a better understanding of machine problems and also allows for faster, clearer diagnostics to reduce travel and support costs.

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