Parker's Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics Group

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RunWise® Advanced Series Hybrid Drive system from Parker Hannifin.

When referring to trucks, a hybrid refers to a vehicle whose power train combines the power from two or more sources. Typically one source will be the engine or prime mover, the second source can be from a battery or ultra capacitor in electric hybrids or from a flywheel in mechanical hybrids or from an accumulator in the case of hydraulic hybrids.

A real world example: RunWise®system replaced a Class 8 refuse truck's conventional drive train with a series hybrid drive system that marries the variable features of a hydrostatic drive for urban routes during refuse collection with a mechanical drive for efficient operation at highway speeds.

Hialeah, Miami-Dade and Miami recently purchased 11 refuse trucks powered by Parker's advanced series hybrid drive system, which demonstrated a 42 percent reduction in fuel consumption during a full month of testing in South Florida. Learn more...

Hybrid Technologies Solutions offer Lower Operating Costs, Less Brake Wear, Lower Emissions Reduced Fuel Consumption and Better Drivability...

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The Runwise® hybrid drive system is built around the company's proprietary Power Drive Unit (PDU), C24 Variable Displacement Bent-Axis Hydraulic Pump/Motors, and Composite Bladder Actuators - all designed specifically for high power, high start-and-stop applications.