Custom Machined Seals

Product Announcement from Parker Hannifin / Seal / TechSeal Division

Custom Machined Seals-Image

Sometimes, a rectangular cross section lathe cut will not provide the perfect seal for an application and a unique shape is required. In this case, TechSeal’s machined specialty cut profiles can fill that requirement.

With products such as D-rings, double chamfered rings, lip seals, and other custom configurations, the use of a lathe cut does not stop with a square cut ring. These profiles are available as small as 0.5” ID or as large as 19” ID ring, and can push the boundaries of your standard lathe cut into applications with large tolerances, radial sealing, and even dynamic motion.

TechSeal's unique manufacturing process eliminates parting lines, flash, flow lines, voids and non-fills often associated with molded products.  In addition, these specialty cut profiles are available in a wide selection of TechSeal elastomeric compounds.

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