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MINI-SMP CONNECTORS, 70% Smaller than SMP-Image

The new Mini-SMP Connectors from Pasternack offer extremely small packages that are about 70% smaller than standard SMP connectors. Satisfying the growing demands for higher densities, the Mini-SMP offers designers the best solution for their high-density and tight-spaced applications.

The Mini-SMP Connectors are ideal interconnect solutions to fit PC-Board-to-Board applications and Cable-to-board applications. Several packages are available to satisfy requirements for both male & female connections in high-density PCB Vertical Mount, PCB Edge-Mount, Straight-Cable, and Right-Angle-Cable Packages. These connectors are rated to 65GHz for 50 ohms with high speed operation ranging from 10 to 40 Gbits. These products are available in component-form or as part of complete custom cable assemblies which can be ordered using Pasternack's on-line "COAX CABLE ASSEMBLY WIZARD" allowing same day shipment of connector / cable solutions.

All Product combinations are in full production and stocked at the factory to support same day shipment. Pricing is as low as $12.97 for 25-49 pieces of the PCB-Edge-Mount Connector. Use Pasternack's on-line selection guide for complete specifications at For additional support, contact Pasternack by phone at (866) 727-8376 or by email at

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