Product Announcement from Pelonis Technologies, Inc.

Pelonis Technologies Twin Automotive Blowers-Image

Pelonis Technologies' Fans-Tech EC Twin Centrifugal Automotive Blowers are quiet, very efficient, lightweight, and have an operating life of over 20,000 hours. New designs include Electronically Commutated (EC) DC motor technology that provides greater energy efficiency and can operate from -40 degrees to +85 degrees Celsius. Fans-Tech twin centrifugal blowers are compact and easy to install and also include Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) that enables speed control operation.

About Pelonis Technologies:

Pelonis Technologies is a leading innovator of air movement technologies, cooling products, induction motors, and specialty heating applications for commercial and industrial use.
We offer high quality products at competitive costs and employ flexible manufacturing techniques that enable us to respond to large and small-scale requirements. Our goal is to provide our customers with significant value-added services, ready solutions, or custom designs to meet their needs.

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