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UltiSep® sets a new standard in high-performance gas/liquid separation. UltiSep® utilizes Pentair Porous Media's proprietary microfiber media technology and patented APEX® element design. These technologies are applied for high efficiency bulk liquid and aerosol removal from process streams. APEX® technology affords the user an unprecedented ability to reduce liquid carryover and pressure drop while providing smaller footprints and lower capital costs. UltiSep® housing configurations are designed via the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other proprietary computer models that ensure accurate and complimentary design in conjunction with APEX®. The implementation of these technologies offers the ideal business model for value added and optimized systems.

UltiSep® offers the ability to maximize operational profitability by minimizing entrained liquids in process gas streams. Eliminating liquid and solid carry-over minimizes process upsets and the corresponding issues associated with them, such as; product loss, fluid make-up, off-spec products, contamination in feed streams entering processes, emulsions, foaming, fouling, corrosion and mechanical wear.

UltiSep® allows the removal of liquids ranging from bulk fluids to entrained droplets as small as a viral particle, improving operational efficiency and profitability.

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