Product Announcement from PetroChem Inspection Services

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PetroChem Inspection Services is a full service provider of inspection services. Our clients rely on PetroChem for all their inspection needs-onstream, turnaround, quality assurance, and capital projects. We are a one-stop shop.

Petrochem Inspection Services Open Houses provide Hands On Demontrations on:

· Real-time Radiography

· SCAR - Small Controlled Area Radiography

· GUL - Guided Wave Ultrasonics

· Phased Array

· DR - Digital Radiography

· IRIS & ECT - Eddy Current Testing

· MFL - Magnetic Flux Leakage / SLOFEC

- Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Current

· Helium Leak Testing

· AUT - Automated Ultrasonic Testing

To register for our upcoming open houses, click here!

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