Reduce your absorbent liability & costs: OilSponge

Product Announcement from Phase III, Inc.

Reduce your absorbent liability & costs: OilSponge-Image

Ranked #1 by the Army Corp of Engineers - Oil Sponge is the fastest way to Respond, Recover, Remediate and Reduce your spill related costs.

Having the same great absorbing power as our AB product, Oil Sponge AB+ features Bio·Green Technology that is a proprietary blend of Class 1, safety certified active cultures. Oil Sponge AB+ will assist in converting most absorbed oil based liquids into safe carbon-dioxide and water. Fast and easy to use, Oil Sponge AB+ will effectively reduce your waste stream issues and disposal costs.

· Manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber, a renewable resource

· Cellulose fiber construction absorbs up to 8 times more than clay type products reducing disposal costs

· Contains Class 1, Safety Certified microbial and 100% organic nutrient package to help degrade petroleum based spills

· Certified 100% Bio-Organic material makes it safe for the environment

· Safe around plants and livestock

· Will not leach into the environment up to saturation

· Reduces volatility of flammable spills

· Ideal for MRO response teams

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