NEW: Vehicle Spill Kit picks up 3 qts of Oil

Product Announcement from Phase III, Inc.

NEW: Vehicle Spill Kit picks up 3 qts of Oil-Image

The NEW Oil Sponge Spill kit is designed to pick up approximately three quarts of spilled oil. It contains all of the necessary products to contain an incidental spill. The spill kit was originally designed for off-road and four-wheel drive enthusiasts to help them stay compliant with the Federal Bureau of Land Management requirements. However, it is small enough to carry in any vehicle and easy to use, the Oil Sponge Spill Kit is ideal for home use, outdoorsmen, fleet vehicles, personal vehicles and a myriad of other applications.

Spill Kit includes:

  • 2 Polypropylene pads
  • 2 Paper wipes
  • 1 bag of Oil Sponge AB+ absorbent
  • 1 pair of chemical resistant gloves
  • 1 recovery bag