Product Announcement from Photodigm, Inc.

1064nm High-Power Single-Frequency Laser Diode-Image

High-Power Single-Frequency Laser Diode

PH1064DBR 1064nm Series


  • DBR Single-Frequency Laser Chip
  • InGaAs QW Active Layer
  • Epi designed for high reliability


  • Available in several package styles
  • Pulsed operation for spectral stability at short pulse lengths
  • High power for CW applications
  • High Slope Efficiency

The PH1064DBR Series of high-power edge-emitting lasers are based on Photodigm's advanced single frequency laser technology. It provides a diffraction limited, single lateral and longitudinal mode beam. Facets are passivated for high-power reliability. Applications include fiber amplifier seeding, second harmonic generation, spectroscopy, difference frequency generation, and low power DPSS replacement.

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