Fast Piezo Focusing Stages-n High Res Microscopes

Product Announcement from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

Fast Piezo Focusing Stages-n High Res Microscopes-Image

Fast Piezo Focusing Stages for High Resolution Microscopes

A new, more affordable series of Fast Piezo Focusing devices is now available from piezo system specialist PI. The new PIFOC® system packages are designed to improve results in fast focusing & lens positioning as well as in deconvolution / 3D imaging, and to reduce costs at the same time.

Features & Advantages

• Complete System with Fast Digital Controller & Software

• Choice of Travel Ranges: 100 µm, 250µm, 400 µm

• Sub-nm Resolution, Ideal for Fast Autofocus Applications

• Choice of Position Feedback Sensors: Piezoresistive (lower cost); Capacitive (higher precision)

• Improved Performance, yet More Affordable

Application Examples: Fast Autofocus Systems, Microscopy, 3D Imaging, Screening, Surface analysis, Wafer inspection

Datasheets & More Information on Piezo Systems for Microscopy at:

Z-Sample Scanners and XYZ Piezo Stages also available

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