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The M-663 Piline™ miniature piezo motor stage is the smallest closed-loop ultrasonic linear piezo-motor-driven translation stage with integrated high-precision linear encoder (100 nanometer resolution). It combines the advantages of piezo-motor drives with PI precision micro mechanics.

PI offers mini piezo-motor-driven stages as small as ~9x6x2 mm.

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For ultra-high resolution (nanometer and picometer range), PI offers PiezoWalk® type linear motors. These non-friction type piezomotors also provide much higher forces up to 600 N.

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Ultrasonic Piezo Drives-How do they work?

PI linear ultrasonic drives consist of a piezoelectric oscillator made from a rectangular piezoelectric plate upon which are mounted one, two or more frictional elements. Due to electrical excitation of the actuator, each friction tip installed on it moves along an elliptical trajectory, transmitting pushing forces to a friction bar on the moving portion of the translation stage. The pushing force exerted by the actuator comes basically from the energy of the longitudinal wave, i.e. in the actuator shown, the longitudinal wave is the pushing wave. The bending wave energy in the actuator is used basically for switching the longitudinal motion at regular intervals by pressing the frictional elements against the frictional trunk. The bending wave force regulates the maximal available frictional force between friction tip or tips and the frictional trunk on the moved element, i.e. the bending wave has an engage/disengage function.

Advantages of PIline™ Piezo Linear Motors & Linear Slide Systems and Linear Actuators

PIline™ Linear Piezo Motors are based on a novel solid-state ultrasonic piezoceramic drive. They are lightweight, low-profile and provide a number of features and advantages not available with conventional magnetic motors, such as negligible EMI, ultra-fast response, auto-locking, backlash-free motion and excellent power-to-weight ratio.

  • Compact Size: The direct-drive principle allows the design of ultra-compact translation stages, with travel/ size ratios close to 1. The M-661.4P0, for example, provides 20 mm travel in a 25x25x8 mm3 package.
  • Low Inertia: High Acceleration, Speed and Resolution: PIline™ piezo linear motor slides achieve Velocities to 600 mm/s and accelerations to 20 g. They are also very stiff, a prerequisite for their fast step-and-settle times-on the order of a few milliseconds-and provide resolution to 0.1 µm. The lack of a leadscrew means no lubricant flow and material relaxation to cause submicron creep. There is also no rotational inertia to limit acceleration and deceleration.
  • Excellent Power-to-Weight Ratio: PIline™ piezo motors are optimized for high performance in a minimum package. No comparable drive can offer the same combination of acceleration, speed and precision.
  • Safe: The minimum inertia of the moving platform together with the "slip clutch" effect of the friction drive, give excellent protection against damage.
  • Precision fixtures and devices are much safer than with leadscrew-driven stages. PIline™ drives are also "finger-safe": Despite the high speeds and accelerations, there is no risk of pinching or worse. This means users do not need interlocks, light curtains or other measures to keep them safe.
  • AutoLock Feature: PIline™ drives create a braking force when not energized without causing the position shift common with conventional mechanical brakes. Other benefits of the AutoLock feature are the elimination of servo dither and steady-state heat dissipation.
  • Vacuum Compatible: PIline™ drives are 100% ceramic and can be used in a vaccum without performance loss.
  • Negligible EMI: PIline™ drives do not create magnetic fields nor are they influenced by them, a decisive advantage in many applications.
  • Custom Solutions / Flexibility for OEMs: PIline™ drives are available in open-loop and closed-loop trans-lation stages and as OEM components. PI develops and manufactures all piezo ceramic components in-house. This gives us the flexibility to provide custom motors (size, force, environmental conditions) for OEM and research applications.
  • Quality, Lifetime, Experience: Based on PI's 30+ years of experience with piezo nanopositioning technology, PIline™ drives offer exceptional precision and reliability with an MTBF of >20,000 hours. Components such as gears, shafts and moving cables that are prone to failure in conventional motion systems, are simply not part on the Piline™ design.

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