SLIC Pins™ - A Pin and Cotter All in One

Product Announcement from Pivot Point, Inc.

Pivot Point's Self Locking Implanted Cotter Pin is a pin and cotter all in one!  (US Patent #'s 6,872,039 & 7,147,420.  Foreign Patents Issued)
Strong spring-loaded plunger features easy insertion ramp and the vertical face at rear prevents backing out. This patented design is ideal for blind holes or where cotter pin access is limited.

The SLIC Pin™ eliminates cotters, bolts and nuts and does not require tools for use - thereby greatly speeding assembly times. It is well suited for automated assembly and is easier, safer and faster than other methods.


  • Pin and cotter all in one
  • Eliminates cotters, bolts, nuts
  • Ideal for blind holes or where cotter pin access is limited
  • Easier, safer, faster assembly
  • Well suited for automated assembly
  • No tools needed

Made in the U.S.A. and made to your specification including: Special Wedge Shapes, Different Pin/Head Styles, Various Finishes, Steel, Alloy & Stainless