Black & White Masterbatches

Product Announcement from Plastics Color Corporation

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   Visit Plastics Color Corp. (PCC) --  at PLASTEC Midwest

                   Booth 1757  -----      Sept. 10-12 2013


Plastic resin manufacturer and supplier, Plastics Color Corporation has a well-earned reputation in the "black and white" (commodity) business. PCC is a major supplier of black and white masterbatches in a variety of resin colorants, helping to add quality to a diverse line of products, from drainage pipe to FDA packaging.

Plastics Color Corporation is a pioneer in an industry constantly moving forward. Providing color concentrates and plastic additives and masterbatches is just the beginning of the PCC story. Plastics Color Corporation is a valuable industry partner that delivers exactly what's needed to the appliance manufacturer, the furniture maker, the pharmaceutical supplier and other companies that insist on world-class quality and unmatched customer service.