Platinum Rebuild Program

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Platinum Rebuild is 93% cheaper than NEW equipment

Platinum Rebuild is 85% cheaper than REPAIRED equipment

PCS is the only facility in the world that will back up your equipment for a lifetime
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Now you can benefit from the most exclusive industrial electronic repair program in the country. It is called the Platinum Rebuild Program and this is not just a repair, it is a complete rebuild.

Once it is done, you will never have to pay for another repair on your equipment again, ever!

Long term industry research shows that on average industrial electronic equipment fails after 1 year of full time operation. It also shows that manufacturers upgrade the entire production equipment every 10 years. So initially the cost for rebuild is higher, but you get what you pay for! Repairs or even new equipment seems to be really cheap ways to get back up and running in the short term, but then as soon as the equipment fails after the second year of operation the rebuild becomes a 50% off bargain. Then as the years go by the Platinum Rebuild investment makes the standard repair and new equipment a complete waste of money, a real money pit! So over 10 years it is going to cost you almost 700% more to repair your equipment and 1500% more for new equipment than it will for a Platinum Rebuild - a no brainer! So stop looking for the cheapest repair, stop shopping around for low ball bargains and get the long term VALUE of a Lifetime Rebuild!