Product Announcement from PowerEdge Products, LLC


Automatic Transfer Switches offer an ideal location for the GND Terminator™. The GND Terminator™ and GND Terminator JrTM are UL 467 recognized grounding bars that provide a common point for the proper termination of grounding and bonding conductors minimizing the risk of connection failure under ground fault and arc flash conditions. The GND Terminators™ assure a permanent, low impedance path for fault current. Improper grounding has the highest sited violations under OSHA 29 CFR 1910. Section 1910.304(f)(1)thru(4) states that systems and conductors are to be grounded and grounding connections are to be made so that an effective grounding path will be assured. The copper GND Terminator™ and the GND Terminator Jr™ assure the highest relative conductivity level of 100%. Aluminum has only 61% of the conductivity level of copper. The GND Terminators™ are the superior choice for the proper termination of grounding and bonding conductors. Meet NEC 250.8 and 250.94.

Made in the USA of electrical grade copper with silicon bronze hardware. The GND Terminator™ is used for the termination of copper or aluminum grounding conductors from #6 AWG through 350kcmil while the GND Terminator Jr™ is used for the termination of copper conductors from #12AWG through 2/0AWG.


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