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PowerMate® Innovation: The PowerMate® LiftTable-Image

The PowerMate® LiftTable is a powered, portable and mobile lift system designed for use on the factory or shop floor. The unit is made from extruded aluminum and steel. Ideal for lifting metal components, parts and supplies on work surfaces.


PowerMate® Electric Powered LiftTable Model #LT-1

  • Solid State Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Advanced Microprocessor Based Control - Utilizes State-of-the-Art Mosfet Motor Drive Technology
  • Fully Automatic Braking System
  • Override Clutch
  • Extruded Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Lifting Platform: 30"D x 32"W (76cm x 81cm)
  • Lifting Capacity: 500 lbs. / 227 kg
  • Machine Weight: 225 lbs. / 102 kgs
  • Heavy Duty Control Switches
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Strap
  • Quick Release Safety Locking Cam On Strapbar
  • Super Efficient Drive Screw
  • .65 Kilowatt High Efficiency DC Motor
  • Sealed 20Ah Battery Pack
  • Maintenance Free Rechargeable Battery System
  • Puncture Proof 5" (12.7cm) Wheels


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