Product Announcement from Power Technology, Inc.

PNF Laser Module for 3D MACHINE VISION-Image

Leveraging 40 Years of Experience

Power Technology introduces structured light lasers specifically designed for Machine Vision applications including 3D Profiling & Imaging, High Speed Road & Rail Inspection, Dimensional Scanning, Web Instruction, Fluorescence and Illumination.

Our new PNF™ Series module boasts the highest output power and fastest modulation speed of any similar single mode laser and can serve as a DROP IN REPLACEMENT for existing modules. It delivers from 1.0mW to 150mW of output power with a wavelength range between 635nm and 1550nm. The PNF™ can be configured for optimal performance at close or long range. The unique Variable Focus™ Technology allows the user to calibrate the focus then re-align the line generator. Additional design features include uniform intensity (non-Gaussian) line generators, wavelength stability, superior optical power stability, and CW, digital or analog modulation >1MHz. Also included is a choice of Fan Angles, ESD protection, optional collimated output and over voltage protection.

By manufacturing in the U.S., we focus on short lead times and the customization that helps assure the success of your project. PTI serves the needs of the Machine Vision market by utilizing dependable and predictable high to low volume production, the most demanding quality standards, and cutting-edge engineering.

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