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In addition to its existing selection of laser diodes with wavelengths across the spectrum, Power Technology, Inc. now offers a variety of specialized tapered amplified diodes with wavelengths from 730 to 1120nm and output powers from 10mW to 7W. The company's new single mode, DFB, DBR, and broad area laser diodes are designed to meet the unique demands of an individual user's application, whether that application requires single fundamental mode operation, ultra-high output power, or exceptionally narrow spectral line width.

Power Technology, Inc. can incorporate its new single mode diodes into a variety of its compact laser modules to provide you with Gaussian output that will focus to a small spot. New single mode diodes feature wavelengths from 730 to 1120nm and output powers from 10 to 200mW and are ideal for applications ranging from spectroscopy to meteorology to process monitoring. The unique DFB laser diodes feature wavelengths from 763 to 923nm and output powers from 50 to 150mW. They offer an exceptionally stable wavelength and narrow spectral width and are excellent choices for any number of applications, including seismology and hydrophony.

New DBR diodes are available with 100mW of output at 1061 and 1063nm or 80mW of output at 1083nm. Metrology, spectroscopy, telecommunications, and seeding of pulsed Nd:YAG and Yb-based lasers are only a few applications that can take advantage of the high output power, stable wavelength, and narrow spectral width that these lasers have to offer.

The company's new broad area laser diodes are excellent choices for applications requiring high output power, such as tumor therapy, ophthalmology, and fiber laser pumping. Output powers range from 1 to 7W, and wavelengths extend from 740 to 1120nm. Users may integrate each of Power Technology, Inc.'s new single mode, DFB, DBR, and broad area laser diodes into a variety of PTI's laser module packages. Beam circularization is available, as well as active temperature control and beam modulation.

Power Technology, Inc., P. O. Box 191117, Little Rock, AR 72219-1117, tel: 501.407.0712, fax: 501.407.0036,

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