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<$1K TrueOnline Shipboard UPS PS503-750 & PS3103-Image

Powerstar since 1993. The $1000 PS503-750 750VA/ 630W Shipboard Ready or the $1299 PS3103 1KVA/900W double conversion True Online UPS with all the features of top rated UPS in a smaller capacity. EPO and dry alarm contacts, Slot for SNMP Ethernet, PFC correcting .99 input power factor, Steel cabinet, Battery removal out the front panel and more for under $1000 USD. These UPS are available in rack mount and can be converted to a Tower as the front control panel can be rotated. We can also ruggedize these units to meet MIL-Std-810F shock and humidity and temperature specs or MIL-STD-167 and Mil-Std-901D-B. Conformal Coating available.

The PS3103rm2u is rated for 900W output power with 4ea. 12v-5Ahr cells in a small rack mount layout. We even include the rail kit to mount it.

Need a floor standing unit? Also available our short Tower style PS503-1000 This is a Wider footprint short squat case for good stability but same price and specs as the PS3103

Double conversion type UPS wired for Delta power

Dual pole circuit breaker -No fuses

Dimensions 3.4" x 17" x 19.7"Deep

Supplied with a rack mounting kit (rails) or front panel can be rotated and unit can be used as a tower (convertible)

2 year warranty on all parts

The board / component manufacturer is certified to ISO 9001.

Frequency can be set to 50 or 60Hz or track the input frequency

Smart UPS tests itself and batteries periodically

Auto restart after a full run upon utility restoration

Cold Start capable

Field replaceable batteries through front panel while online

NOW! Output Power Capacity 630 Watts @ .9pf / 700 VA

PS3103rm2u Output 900W @ .9pf /1000 VA

Nominal Output Voltage 120V (configurable 100-127VAC) also available in 230VAC euro model.

Output Voltage Distortion Less than 3% at full load

Crest Factor up to 5: 1 Waveform Type Sine wave

Ready for Additional remotely mounted Battery trays with connector on back

Optional: Premium High temperature rated Flame proof Long Life (8-10 year) battery available.

Optional: This can be a 2ru X 28"deep rack mount unit with an input isolation transformer mounted to the rear. Or a separate Isolation transformer in a small box can be supplied if needed.

A 3ru x20"deep model is available with Isolation transformer.-PS3070rm3u-ISO

( 6) NEMA 5-15r output receptacles and 6ft. 5-15p power cord for input. or Military connectors available.

< 3% total harmonic distortion (THD) typical into a 100% linear load, < 5% THD typical into a 100% non-linear load with crest factor ratio of 3:1.

>88% efficiency

Inverter Overload Capability: 200% for 10 seconds then transfer to bypass, 150% for 50 seconds then transfer to bypass

Voltage Transient Response: + 7% in line mode 0-100-0 % loading of the UPS, + 7% in battery mode for 0-100-0 % loading of the UPS rating.

Transient Recovery Time: To nominal voltage within 90 milliseconds.

Output equipped with Automatic Bypass which connects input source to load should Inverter fail or load exceeds capacity of unit.

Nominal Input Voltage 120V (a PS3070irm2u 230V European model is available)

Input Frequency 40/70 Hz (auto sensing)

Input Connections NEMA 5-15P

Cord Length 10 feet (3.04 meters)

Input voltage range for main operations 60 - 144V

Transfer Time 0 ms (Inverter is always running)

Input current rating 12A

Input Power Factor >.99 lagging at rated load

Batteries & Runtime

Battery Type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: leak proof AGM technology - cfr49 shippable

Typical recharge time 5 hours to 95%

Replacement Battery: PSRBC3070 or PSrbc3103.

Premium extended temperature range/ long life (8-10 year) batteries available for this unit PSrbc3070-2u-h)

Runtimes for PS503-750 and with the optional 2u rack mount PS503-750BP battery cabinet.

200W= 26 minutes or 126 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

400W= 14 minutes or 76 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

600W= 6 minutes or 54 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

630W= 6 minutes or 50 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

Runtimes for the PS3103 & also with the optional 2u rack mount PS3103rm2uBP extension battery cabinet

200W= 28 minutes or 128 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

400W= 15 minutes or 74 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

600W= 9 minutes or 52 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

800W= 5 minutes or 41 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

900W= 4 minutes or 27 minutes with 2u additional Battery Cabinet

Interface Port(s)

USB serial interface will connect directly to a PC for automated shutdown routine. Also can be controlled and inspected with supplied Liebert® software

Available Slot Interface for SNMP Network Web card PS9059- Ethernet 10/100

Optional PS9059 SNMP v1, v2c with Http interface as well as Microlink™ software supplied

Control panel

  • LED status display with 5 load indicators and 5 battery bar-graphs showing 20% steps
  • Additional LEDS indicate Inverter ON, Fault, ON battery, Bypass mode enabled, AC input
  • Audible Alarm -Alarm when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm (Alarm can be silenced via push button)
  • Dry contacts (12v 50ma): Emergency Power Off (EPO)- Output can be disabled via shorting two pins
  • Battery mode Shutdown
  • Indicator- Battery mode (contacts change state when on Battery) 30ma max.
  • Indicator- Low Battery (contacts change state when cells are weak) 30ma max.


UPS conforms to an input line transient conforming to IEEE C62.41, Category A & B tests for 120 VAC.

MOV ratings will be 175 Volt, 90 Joules minimum connected L1-L2. The MOVs will be rated 300 Volt, 150 Joules minimum connected L-G and L2-G. The L-G and L2-G connected MOVs will have the capability of being disconnected and reconnected easily

Dimensions for the PS503-750 and the PS3103

Dimensions 3.4" x 17" x 19.7"Deep

This unit can be mounted on its side as a 17"tall tower. Mounting stand can be supplied.

Rack Height 2U

Net Weight 44.5 lbs. (20kg.)

Shipping Weight 53 lbs. (24 kg)

Shipping Height 8.00 inches

Shipping Width 30.00 inches

Shipping Depth 22 inches

Color Gun Metal Black

Mounting rails included for rack mounting

Operating Environment

32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C) (battery dependent) -This can be -20°C +50°C with our Premium battery upgrade.

Operating Relative Humidity 0 - 95%

Operating Elevation 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)

Storage Temperature 5 - 113 °F (-15 - 45 °C)

Storage Relative Humidity 0 - 95% °

Storage Elevation 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit <46 dBA

2 year warranty on parts and batteries and Labor

Modified in the USA to Shipboard specifications.


UL Standard 1778 (Suitable for Computer-Room Applications)

• c-UL

• FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A

• IEEE C62.41, Category A & B

• CE for both Low Voltage and EMC Directives

• ISTA Procedure 1A

• Modified for Delta Shipboard power

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