3-Phase AC to DC Power Supplies

Product Announcement from Powertronix Corp.

3-Phase AC to DC Power Supplies-Image

POWERTRONIX 3-Phase AC/DC Power Supply is a linear power supply converting AC line voltage to DC power. It offers extremely safe and reliable DC power for installations requiring a DC bus system. This unit consists of a POWERTRONIX 3-Phase Toroidal Transformers connected to a six-diode bridge rectifier, which supports a common DC bus.

The POWERTRONIX 3-phase AC/DC Power Supply is available in Delta-Delta, Delta-Wye, Wye-Wye, and Wye-Delta configurations. Standard units are available with several mounting options and with power ratings from 3 KVA to 30 kVA.


• Power Ratings: 3 kVA to 30 kVA

• Input: 200/208/380/400/480 Volt

• Output: Customer specified

• Frequency: 50/60 Hz

• Efficiency: 94% or better


• UL/cUL approved to UL 506, UL 544, UL 2601

• Built to EN 60601, EN 60950, EN 60742

• CE Marking