Auto single winding Toroidal Transformers

Product Announcement from Powertronix Corp.

Auto single winding Toroidal Transformers-Image

POWERTRONIX Auto Transformers are single winding Toroidal Transformers made for voltage step up or step down. Auto Transformers are used in applications where there are no requirements on electrical isolation between input and output windings. Auto Transformers offer a significant size and weight reduction as well as lower cost

The power rating of an Auto Transformer is calculated as follows: P = Pout x (Vhi - Vlow) / Vhi

Vhi = Voltage across the high voltage tap

Vlow = Voltage across the low voltage tap


• Power: 100 VA - 2,200 VA

• Frequency: 47 Hz - 63 Hz

• Primary: 230 Volt

• Secondary: 115 Volt

SAFETY APPROVALS: UL 506, cUL, and CE marked.


• Metal Disk Mounted

• Flange mounted

• Center-potted

• Cylindrically Encapsulated