High Accuracy Toroidal Current Transformers

Product Announcement from Powertronix Corp.

High Accuracy Toroidal Current Transformers-Image

POWERTRONIX Current Transformers are designed for measuring electrical current. Toroidal Current Transformers are smaller lighter and efficient than most other types of current transformers. Our design techniques and materials selections ensure the CT accuracy is better than 1%.

POWERTRONIX manufactures Toroidal Current Transformers with an accuracy of better than 1%, which can be used to monitor, protect, and control electrical systems for the following applications:

• Energy (watt-hour, electricity) meter, Energy management

• Circuit breakers, electricity protection systems

• Motor and heater controllers

• Uninterrupted power systems (UPS)

• Control panels, relay metering panels

• Switch gear, control gears, switch boards

• Power transducers


• Primary current: 5 Amp - 8,000 Amp

• Secondary Current: 0.1 Amp - 5 Amp

• Frequency: 50 Hz - 400 Hz

• Accuracy: 1%

• Construction: Tape insulated


• Standard design: stocks to 2 weeks

• Special design: 2 to 4 weeks.