External Supermicrometer® Model-C

Product Announcement from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

External Supermicrometer® Model C

If you're looking for a direct-reading metrology instrument and an electronic size comparator for use on the production floor, look no further - the third-generation External Supermicrometer® provides durability, digital accuracy, speed of measurement, and range of applications .

Features & Benefits of the External Supermicrometer®

  • Heavy-duty cylindrical bed - Chromium-plated cylinder ensures long life and performance integrity and the rack and pinion drive eliminates movement during the measuring cycle
  • Adjustable pressure tailstock - Exclusive Electrolimit® tailstock offers adjustable pressure from 50 to 1350 g (2 to 48 ounces) for reliability and optimum performance. Also, ask about our NEW digital tailstock option.
  • Carbine-tipped measuring spindles - Non-rotating measuring spindles have long life, corrosion-free lapped anvils and are calibrated to ultra finish and precision
  • Elevating table - Adjustability allows for presentation of the part to the instrument in a non-influencing manner
  • Direct-reading, digital display - Easy-to-read digital display provides direct reading in inch or metric units
  • Calibrated analog meter - Establishes the reference zero for taking direct measurements from the microprocessor-based digital display
  • Digital module - Divides the measurement into 0.25 um (0.000010 in.) increments for high resolution