LabMaster® Standard Gage Block Comparator

Product Announcement from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

Pratt & Whitney Labmaster Standard® for Vertical Measuring Labmaster Standard® is laser-interferometer-based for ultimate accuracy. Our exclusive digital interferometer measures the dimension of the specimen by comparing the measurement probe position to the wavelength of a HeNe laser light source, effectively coupling the wavelength of light to the part being measured. Our patented laser path is in-line with the measurement axis to eliminate Abbe offset error.

The Labmaster Standard has the advantage of having two instruments in one, a direct reading instrument and it can be used as a gage block comparator. The LMS gage block comparator can calibrate gage blocks using only a handful of master gauges.

The LabMaster Standard measures and calibrates:

  • Gage blocks
  • Balls/spheres
  • Ball bearings
  • Optics
  • Plug & pin gages
  • Thread wires
  • Film thickness

Features & Benefits

Rigid design - For maximum repeatability and reproducibility

Motorized probe - Improves system stability and eliminates operator influence

Digital laser interferometer - Guarantees maximum resolution, traceability, and performance

Two-step calibration - Advanced timesaving feature allows for calibration in only 30 seconds

Automatic cycling - Increases measurement throughput rate when measuring standard gage sets

GageCal ® PC control software - Microsoft Windows® based software reduces data entry, eliminates transcription errors, and speeds up measurements. Automatic gage block tolerancing is included with the GageCal software.

Flexible anvil fixturing - Ensures system integrity and accommodates a variety of measurement applications. Gage block calibration fixtures are available for both square and rectangular gage blocks.