Labmaster Universal Model 1000A (automatic)

Product Announcement from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

Swivel, centering, tilt, and elevation adjustments are controlled with a press of a button or click of the mouse. For even more automated control, GageCal scripting allows the user to create a sequence of automated actions for complete automatic measurement of custom parts or gages. Automated positioning, alignment, and measurement practically eliminate operator influence and decrease measurement time. Instrument configurations, including table alignment and position, can be saved and recalled at a later time, minimizing setup time for common artifacts. GageCal also has predefined application screens and enters tolerances for various types of measurements such as blocks, rings, plugs, and threads.

With appropriate accessories, the LABMASTER Universal Model 1000A is capable of measuring rings (threaded & non-threaded), gauge blocks, plugs (threaded & non-threaded), dial/test indicators, gage wires, micrometer heads, pin gages, tapered plugs (threaded & non-threaded), end standards, micrometers, and snap gages, all with NIST traceability. The LABMASTER 1000A can also measure a wide range of specialty applications such as ID/OD bearings (radial/axial clearance), balls, shafts, optics, as well as your precision parts. P&W is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA.

Other specialty measuring applications include: gears, shafts, optics, film thickness, automotive parts, aerospace parts including aircraft engine parts, and your precision components can all be measured on the ULM.