Custom Motion Control & Assemblies for Aerospace

Product Announcement from Precipart Corporation

Custom Motion Control & Assemblies for Aerospace -Image

COMPLEX COMPONENTS THAT CIRCLE THE GLOBE-- As a critical motion control and component developer to aerospace industry OEMs for decades, Precipart supports major commercial, private, and military aircraft manufacturers for their specialized geared requirements. That is why our custom-designed actuators, motion control components, precision mechanical assemblies and custom precision gears can be found on aircraft around the world. Designed for long life and extreme environments, some of our complex component controls have ventured into space as part of programs for the Hubble telescope, Mars Rovers and mission specific satellites.

• Cabin pressure indicators • Vector and cockpit controls • Cabin door actuators • Landing light controls • Wing flap controls • Nose wheel positioning • Windshield wiper controls • Satellite antenna positioning systems

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