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Sof’ Shoe® Shim

Product Announcement from Precision Brand Products, Inc.

Sof’ Shoe® Shim-Image
  • PRECISION BRAND® Sof' Shoe® shim solves angular soft foot alignment problems on motors, pumps, generators, turbines and other plant machinery in minutes
  • Sof' Shoe® shim cures angular soft foot and extends bearing and motor life
  • Sof' Shoe® shim is made of a proprietary elastomer which has unique flow and set characteristics to fill irregular gaps
  • Sof' Shoe® shim is an inexpensive alternative when compared to more time consuming and expensive options such as milling the base or foot, hand cutting graduated shims, replacing base or rebuilding base with poured epoxy
  • Each Sof' Shoe® shim thickness has 12 percent flat compression under standard bolt torque, yet will absorb the angularity of nearly half its thickness
  • The yellow Sof' Shoe® shims are .045" thick, compress to .040" and absorb up to .020" of angularity
  • The Blue Sof' Shoe® shims are .020" thick, compress to .0175" and absorb up to .010" of angularity
  • Sof' Shoe® shim is stable to 225°F
  • The thickness tolerance of Sof' Shoe® shim is +/- .005"
  • Slot sizes of Sof' Shoe® shims are identical to PRECISION BRAND® Stainless Slotted Shim because they are used together in the alignment process
  • Flat sheets are also available on special order

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