WaveSeal 360 Constant Tension Clamp!

Product Announcement from Precision Brand Products, Inc.

WaveSeal 360 Constant Tension Clamp!-Image
  • WaveSeal 360™ Constant Tension Clamp features unique expansion and contraction which creates a steady 360° seal in response to changing temperatures and works well with non-uniform hoses
  • Recent leak pressure tests show that the WaveSeal 360™ clamp performed better in thermal cycling than typical constant tension clamps, Belleville spring, or spring-loaded T-bolt styles
  • 9/16" band width (14.29mm)
  • Common Uses- Hydraulic systems, construction, agricultural, and telecommunications equipment. Cooling systems- heater hose, radiator hose and heat exchanger. Charged Air systems- cold and hot side diesel turbo charger, and air intake