Product Announcement from Precision Incorporated

SM Shielded High Current Low Profile Inductor-Image

Precision Incorporated introduced a line of LSMS series Surface Mount - High Current Inductors that are optimized to fit the new high technology marketplace. Sizes and topography heights vary to fit any design - as well as a high DC current rating… up to 50 Amps - and is set in a low profile package.

The actual physical size of the part is compact and low-profile, with height ranging from 2.2mm to 6.2mm. These devices are great for all applications…ranging from DC to DC converters, to automotive applications. These Precision inductors will provide the optimal solution for miniature SMD inductors. The device produces low losses at high frequencies. Internally it has a self-shielding core, made up of a powdered iron alloy which resists the effect of thermal aging.


  • Low Profile, High Power, Lower Loss, Low DCR with High Current Inductor Design
  • Closed Magnetic Circuit Construction for High Density Board Assembly
  • Compact Size with High Resistivity Alloy Core & Ribbon Copper Wire ensuring the miniaturization and high efficiency
  • Compliant with RoHS and Halogen Free
  • Custom Designs Available

Click here for more product information on the LSMS-07073 - LSMS-13134 series surface mount shielded, high current inductors.

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