Hydraulic/Electromechanic Post Lift Tables

Product Announcement from Presto Lifts, Inc.

Hydraulic/Electromechanic Post Lift Tables-Image

Whether you choose manual foot pump or electric lift, these tables are excellent transporters and work positioners. Smooth lifting and lowering is achieved by a central lifting cylinder. Manual units have a foot operated hydraulic pump with tip toe release. Battery powered units use an electromechanical screw drive powered by a 12 volt, 35 amp, gel cell, maintenence free battery and come with a 10 amp battery charger.


  • 1000 - 4000 lbs capacity
  • Foot operated hydraulic pump on P Series
  • 12 volt DC screw drive linear actuator on Battery Operated Series
  • Foot operated floor lock
  • Push-button control on BP Series
  • Integrated push/pull handle
  • 2 fixed and 2 swivel phenolic casters