P3 - Pneumatic Pallet Positioner

Product Announcement from Presto Lifts, Inc.

P3 - Pneumatic Pallet Positioner-Image

The P3 Pneumatic Leveler from Presto Lifts Inc. allows operators to build or break down pallet loads with a minimum of bending, reaching, stretching, or walking around. The unit automatically adjusts the height of pallets as boxes are added or removed. Height adjustment is achieved by a heavy-duty reinforced rubber airbag combined with a permanent spring.

Because the P3 is pneumatic it can handle widely varying pallet load weights (from 400 to 4,500 pounds). It can be used anywhere that shop air is available.

A large turntable equipped with anti-friction bearings allows loads to be quickly and effortlessly rotated so that operators can always be working on the nearside of the pallet.

The extra-wide base means no lagging is necessary, and fork pockets allow the unit to be easily relocated by a fork truck or stacker.