Prime Cast 2010 Colored Quartz Layered System

Product Announcement from Prime Coat Coating Systems

Prime Cast 2010 Colored Quartz Layered System-Image

PRIME CAST 2010 consists of a urethane slurry followed by a decorative quartz broadcast. The system is sealed with a clear, chemical-resistant MMA topcoat. 2011 is formulated for applications where a decorative quartz broadcast system and a fast return to service are required. 2011 is also great for areas which experience swings in temperatures or thermal cycling.

Common Applications:

Floor areas where beauty, cleanability and thermal shock are all critical performance characteristics. Typically installed over clean, prepared concrete. Specific applications include, but are not limited to:

  • institutional and correctional kitchens
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • animal research
  • vivariums
  • cage wash areas and clean rooms