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The ProMation Engineering team of Engineering experts manufacture reliable Electric Actuators designed for harsh industrial environments.

The ProMation Engineering product line of industrial actuators and accessories include:

  • Quarter-turn Electric Actuators
  • Linear Electric Actuators
  • Quarter-turn Spring Return Electric Actuators
  • Power Backup Units (PBU)
  • A substantial line of Options

Our quarter turn actuators feature a raised position indicator, clutchless manual override, and epicyclic gearing requiring no motor brake.

PL Series Linear Actuators boast the impressive force range of 550 to 4400 force pounds and are a key component in many rising stem globe valve solutions.

The Spring Return Series are failsafe units which use a spring driven rack and pinion system to quickly open or close valves upon loss of power. Manual overrides are available for all sized units.

A PBU is an Energy Storage Devices providing critical fail-safe positioning in all non-spring return models. Battery power drives the actuator or a series of actuators to a safe position on loss of power.

Accessories includes drive inserts, local control stations, timers, custom rotation settings, electrical interfaces, and a wide array of flexible solutions to meet special application requirements.

ProMation offers several models in each series:

  • Providing torque ranging from 55" lbs / 6 Nm to 40,000" lbs / 4500 Nm.
  • Two different lines of fail-safe actuators ProMation provides solutions for a broad scope of applications.
    • Spring Return Failsafe Actuators from 445" lbs / 50 Nm to 2300" lbs / 260Nm.
    • Power Backup (Battery) Units for every size actuator we offer.
  • Linear Actuators with 50mm to 100mm travel.

Custom engineering and manufactured solutions are also available upon request.

Please visit us on the web, contact 1 (352) 544-8436 or email for more information.

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